Judo Development

REF: 173-358 NPO

Eden Judo Development is a registered NPO with ONE purpose, to offer all aspects of Judo to underprivileged children and farming communities.

The Herold Development Project was initiated by a farmer in the Herold area which started with a farm school, Herold Laerskool.

This project grew to the neighboring school, Franken Primary School, with a staggering amount of 65 kids from the farming community in Herold doing Judo.  Sensei Lilian travels to Herold once a week from George to teach.

fb_img_1474137607514Our aim in the near future, and with the help of sponsors, is to build a dojo which will be the home of Judo in Herold.  The children, aged 6 – 15 currently train in three groups according to age on 5m2 mats 20mm thick, and we aim to create a proper dojo with proper equipment to help these kids reach their full potential in all aspects of Judo.

fb_img_1474137607514The motto in class is “It doesn’t matter how hard you fall, get up and try again”.  With this motto we aim to show every child that anything is possible with perseverance – NEVER GIVE UP HOPE

The project has been a tremendous success and we will have another program starting in the George area in the beginning of 2017.

fb_img_1474137600639Follow this link to see how the kids grow in Judo:

Eden Judo